What we do

We help governments, businesses, communities, whānau and individuals develop realistic and robust solutions to deal with natural hazard risks. 

Our expertise


We work collaboratively - providing process and partnering with relevant technical expertise and Te Tiriti partners to deliver bespoke solutions. 

how we can help you

Dealing with the risks from natural hazards is unfortunately a growing problem. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We coordinate, translate and help you work through what can often be complex and hotly contested natural hazard, coastal management and adaptation problems. Not to mention dynamic and fundamentally uncertain! 

We work with you in a way that suits your needs, your context, the right scale, and your budget. Collaborative working is our preferred approach and we seek to build capacity with our clients and their communities. 

We have access to the best expertise across a broad range of disciplines and can build a bespoke multi-disciplinary team  to solve the task at hand, simple or complex. We will build a team to get the job done.

We have unique experience and essential expertise and can provide advice on programme design, Long-Term Plan budgeting, policy alignment with RMA, LGA, CDEM and Reserves Acts. We have a large network of coastal science, engineering, management, planning and related expertise both here in New Zealand, Australia and globally. We can also provide independent facilitation of public meetings and community panels.

Get in touch if you are embarking on a climate adaptation strategy, or a coastal adaptation strategy with your organisation. 

Whatever the problem, we can find a way that suits your kaupapa. 

Get in touch, email us at tom@coastalmanagementcollective.com